Terms of Use

Article 1 Terms of Use
This agreement is applicable to the use of the shopping site provided by Natural Science Co. Ltd., http://www.natural-s.hk/ (hereinafter referred to as 'this site').
Users of this site (hereinafter referred to as "the users") shall acknowledge and agree to abide by these terms.

Article 2 Amendments
Natural Science reserves the right to make amendments to these terms at any time without a prior notice, or obtaining consent from users.
The amended terms shall come into effect from the time they are posted on this site.

Article 3 Compliance with Terms
The users shall agree to comply with these terms when using this site.

Article 4 Suspension or Interruption of Services
Natural Science reserves the right to change, add or abolish all or part of the service content of this site without prior notification to or consent from users. Natural Science reserves the right to interrupt or suspend services to conduct maintenance without prior notice or consent for the purpose of maintaining excellent operating conditions, or other reasons.
The company shall not be liable for any loss or damages incurred by the users due to inability to use the site.

Article 5 Prohibited Matters
The users shall not conduct any of the following actions. Natural Science reserves the right to halt provision of this site's services or change the content of services provided for the users who are determined to be in violation of these conditions, without prior notice.

• (1) Use deviating from the normal methods
• (2) Actions causing inconvenience to other users
• (3) Actions interfering with the business of the company
• (4) Actions violating or potentially violating trademark, copyright, privacy or other rights
• (5) Registration of false information while applying for membership
• (6) Placing false orders or placing an order with the membership of other persons, or providing cooperation in placing such orders
• (7) Placing orders for the purpose of resale
• (8) Fraudulent use of credit card
• (9) Unauthorized use of the personal information of other persons
• (10) Any other acts deemed inappropriate by the company

Article 6 Prohibition of Resale
Products, samples, and services provided by or sold on this site are solely for personal use of the user.
Reselling products or services purchased through this site, or samples provided by this site to a third party or providing those to a third party for resell is strictly prohibited.

Article 7 Guarantee Limitations
Natural Science shall not be liable for any trouble or issues regarding the purchased products or orders from companies, individuals or any other sites that are not authorized retail locations or agents.
For authorized retail locations or agents, kindly call 852-2608-0220.

Article 8 Copyright, etc.
All past and present rights of any content that can be viewed on this site (indicating 'all information including trademarks, logos, service marks, photographs, pictures, illustrations and text') are owned exclusively by Natural Science and protected by copyright and trademark laws.
Reprint, duplication or alteration, in whole or parts, for any purpose without obtaining the company's permission of use is strictly prohibited.

Article 9 Displayed price
Prices shall be displayed in Japanese Yen. Prices do not include local taxes. Duties and taxes imposed by law shall be covered by the customer separately.

Article 10 Conclusion of Contract of Sale
Contract of sale shall be considered as concluded when the order confirmation e-mail shall be sent from the company to the customer.

[Cancellation, Return, or Exchange of Orders]
- Orders cannot be canceled once the Contract of Sale is concluded.

- Products cannot be returned or exchanged after delivery.
* Exchanges will only be accepted through our direct retail stores (home Hong Kong) in case of defective products.

- Our direct retail stores are also available for consultation regarding skin-related problems.

[home Hong Kong]
Contact number: 852-2608-0220

Address (E): Room F, 7/F, Leapont Centre, Nos.18-28 Wo Liu Hang Road, Fo Tan, N.T., Hong Kong
Address (C): 香港新界火炭禾寮坑道18-28號聯邦中心7樓F室

Article 11 Other Points
- The product images shown on our website are actual photographs of the products, but appearance such as color of the products may differ from the actual product when images a viewed through media such as a computer monitor.
- The company shall not be liable for any problems occurred due to non-delivery or corruption of e-mails sent by the company to the customer, and e-mails sent by the customer to the company.
- When multiple products are ordered at one time, if some of the products are out of stock, delivery of the entire order may be delayed until all the ordered products are available.
- Products ordered from this site shall only be delivered within Hong Kong.
- Products shall be shipped in a standard packaging that can withstand international shipping.
- The company shall be responsible for any damage to the products caused by faulty packaging. The company, however, shall not be liable for any damage caused by mishandling of the packages on the customer side.
- Unless agreed to separately, the risk of loss or damage to the product shall transfer from the company to the customer at the point it is loaded on a ship or plane for transport. The company, however, shall retain ownership of the products until they are paid for in full.
- The company shall bear no responsibility for non-fulfillment of contract or delay up to the point of shipping the product due to reasons beyond the control of management or government including war, civil war, riot, labor dispute, epidemic, fire, typhoon, flood, earthquake, or embargo.

- All disputes, disagreements or difference in opinion between the parties of this contract in regards to this contract that cannot be resolved between the parties shall be settled by arbitration, in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of The Japan Commercial Arbitration Association. Both parties shall agree that the decision of the mediator shall be considered final and binding.

[Governing Law]
-Japanese law shall be applicable in conclusion, effects, fulfillment and interpretation of this contract.

Supplementary Provisions
- These provisions shall come into effect as of June 27, 2016.

Natural Science Co., Ltd.

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