b-up white 100ml

Simply use this! 3 big troubles of bust can be all taken care. Beauty essence for bust.


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    b-up white 100ml
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    4,680 YEN ≈ 334.51 HK$
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Price SAME! 20ml Volume UP♪

Dry skin of bust and decollete, roughness of the nipple…. The skin trouble concerning the bust does not run out not only during the pregnancy period, but also during the nursing time after childbirth.
Such troubles can be all taken care by simply using [b-up white], which is the beauty essence for bust.

Lift Veil・3 Kinds of Collagen・Seaweed Extract (Moisture retention & Skin elasticity), Vitamin D3(Skin protecting), Rose Hip Extract・ White Rice Bran Extract・Soluble Vitamin C Derivatives (Skin brightening), Lactobacillius・Bifidobacterium Extract・Oligosaccharide (Moisture retention & Skin improving)
※Could also be used during maternity and lactation period.


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