Baby hair shampoo 370ml (Refill)

Hair shampoo to wash oily and sticky scalp.


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    Baby hair shampoo 370ml (Refill)
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    1,700 YEN ≈ 121.51 HK$
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Hair shampoo whose special points are to remove bubbles rapidly, and the prescription that is hard to sting even if it gets into eyes.
Wash off oily stains of the scalp well, then, bring you silky hair.

Amino Acid Washing Ingredient (Mild cleansing components), Moisture Amino Acids・ Trehalose (Moisture retention components), Hyaluronate Veil (Moisture retention & Hair softening components), Baby’s Emulsion (Ceramide・Cholesterol・Phospholipid・Triglyceride) (Moisture retention & Protection components)


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