Baby shampoo Freiche 460ml(Refill)

Weak-acidic cleansing material to wash sensitive skin gently and mildly.


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    Baby shampoo Freiche 460ml(Refill)
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    1,750 YEN ≈ 125.09 HK$
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Shampoo for face and body, washing gently with moisture by soft and fluffy bubble.
Just pushing pump for bubble to come out, then you can wash and clean dirt and stains easily with one hand without putting a burden to skin.

Amino Acid Washing Ingredient (Mild cleansing components), Moisture Amino Acids・ Lipidure®・Trehalose (Moisture retention components), Baby’s Emulsion (Ceramide・Cholesterol・Phospholipid・Triglyceride) (Moisture retention & Protection components)


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